Maximizing Impact: Autoproyecto's Unique Advertising Value in the Hispanic Market

The Hispanic market seeks value-driven, culturally relevant automotive options that blend practicality, technology, and environmental consciousness with a seamless and trustworthy buying experience, emphasizing a desire for advertisers to forge a genuine cultural connection.

Bridging Brands and Buyers: Navigating the Hispanic Market's Unique Landscape

Autoproyecto addresses the challenge of connecting automotive brands with the rapidly growing and diverse Hispanic market in the U.S., navigating cultural nuances and language barriers to engage this influential demographic effectively in their vehicle purchasing journey.

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Maximize Impact: Advertise with Autoproyecto's High Engagement Metrics

The optimal strategy for automotive brands looking to effectively reach the Hispanic market is to advertise on Autoproyecto, benefiting from its minority ownership and in-language content, complemented by an impressive 75% viewability and 96% completion rate for ads, ensuring maximum engagement and impact.

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Top 5 Questions Regarding Advertising

Autoproyecto uses a third party ad verification company named Moat

Autoproyecto only offers pre-roll as we have a premium user experience. No display ads.

Autoproyecto can only be purchased direct but we do have a programatic solution for other Hispanic sites, please enquire for that.

Autoproyecto is a full funnel solution offering from the top funnel awareness campaigns. We offer mid funnel with retention and lower funnel activities including LFA's with conquest and Category Sponsorships.

We offer case studies for campaigns and require 8 million impressions or more via Kantar.

Awareness Advertising


Focuses on building brand recognition and familiarity among a target audience. Its primary goal isn't immediately to drive sales or conversions but to embed the brand's name, logo, values, and messaging into the consumer's consciousness.

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Mid Funnel


This stage of advertising aims to nurture interest, build engagement, and educate potential customers about the brand's products or services. It's about deepening the relationship with consumers by providing more detailed information, showcasing benefits.

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Lower Funnel


Lower-funnel advertising targets consumers who are at the final stages of the purchasing journey, ready to make a decision. This type of advertising is highly focused on conversion actions, such as making a purchase, signing up for a trial, or filling out.

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